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Dustin and Brittany - On the Rooftop

  • The Catahoula Hotel (map)


The Scene


Before I tell you about Dustin and Brittany‘s ceremony and reception, let me just say how much I enjoyed playing at this venue The Catahoula Hotel and of course working with My House Social and Ashley Biltz Photography. Everyone was on point.

Let me set the scene for you, The Catahoula Hotel has a modern, comfortable industrial vibe about it. (Not sure if that’s a thing). It is an Absolutely beautiful place and I love the exposed brick. I would live in this place if I could, but then we would have to charge significantly more to DJ.  

The Ceremony

Dustin and Brittany’s ceremony and reception took place on the roof top of this 3 story hotel giving everyone a great view of the New Orleans skyline. The Ceremony was timed with the sunset as if on purpose. Dustin processed down the aisle followed by siblings and two adorable pups to the song XO by John Mayer. (Makes me wish my pups were part of my wife and I’s wedding.) Brittany could not have chosen a more perfect song for her bridal procession. She chose Stand By Me by Skyler Gray. Up until this wedding, I have never heard this version before, however Skyler Gray did not treat this song as a remake, she treated it as if it was hers. This Song really set the mood as family and friends faces lit up watching Brittany make her way down the aisle. Their ceremony was definitely a moment that will be cherished. During the ceremony, the pups were on their best behavior, where as mine would have been running around greeting everyone. The now married couple exited to the Temptations, My Girl.  

The Reception

The happy couple danced for their first time as husband and wife to It’s You by Maggie Rose. Brittany mentioned this song “describes their feelings, not only with lyrics but also with the music.” After seeing them dance, I can say, I don’t think any other song would have suited them any better. Dustin then danced with his mother to Simple Man by Shinedown, the acoustic version, while following Brittany danced with her father to My Little Girl by Tim McGraw.

It’s You - Maggie Rose

It’s You - Maggie Rose

“I remember the way you looked at me for the first time And our eyes lingered in the symphony of another Saturday night And you still do that to me Like I’m the only one The only melody”
— Maggie Rose - It's You

This reception was quite unique in regards to the intimate nature. We tried to keep a balance of older and newer music while keeping the vibe up. It was a cold night though, so we had to keep the guest grooving. We played everything from Ne-Yo to Journey and everything in between. I did overhear a young lady yell “I hate this song” while Don’t Stop Believing was playing, but she ended up singing it anyway. Which is what typically happens with Journey.

There was something during the reception that I’ve never been seen before in all my 20 years of being a DJ… a thing called the “fireball cam”, in which a go-pro camera with strap to a bottle of fireball was passed around while everyone was dancing. Once that started going around, someone mentioned to play Pitbull “Fireball“ , and of course we obliged. The level of energy at this point was insane. (If anyone wants to share me that video, I would Love to see it…even post it!)


One thing to note, there was this one gentleman that wasn’t holding back during the entire reception; I don’t care what song was on, he was singing and dancing to everything! The best part is, I played a couple songs that I’m certain most people have never heard before, but by the second chorus he was singing those as well. We always enjoy people genuinely enjoying themselves. 
Let’s not forget to mention the disappearing “Donut Wall”. It wasn’t magic, it was “District Donuts”. Every time I glanced over, there were always sections missing.


Allie and I had a blast playing for Dustin and Brittany’s wedding. And we only had the hotel desk called on us once for being too loud.
We truly wish the happy couple all the best and of course we hope their honeymoon to Unico was everything they wished it to be.

Lastly - A HUGE thank you to Dustin & Brittany & Ashley Biltz Photography for allowing us to host their photographs, they came out absolutely stunning.

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