James Edward Bates Photography

I've often wondered how photos of my grandparents decades ago always made them look like movie stars. It wasn't about the camera that was used to take the photos and it wasn't about poses and stances. It was all about capturing the moment. I do not know a lot about photography or the composition of a photograph, however I do know that perfect moment that would make a great photograph could be missed in a fraction of a second. That's where James Edward Bates Photography steps up. During my opportunity to work alongside James, I cannot recall him putting the camera down except to change lenses. I don't know for certain, but James must take several thousands of photos at a particular wedding and then spends hours combing through them finding the perfect photo that showcases the "moment". Again, I don't know much about photography, but I do know James will capture the "moment" that will become your memories.

Some of the moments James has captured: