Selecting Music (Ceremony Edition)

For most people, selecting music for their wedding ceremony is an enjoyable yet daunting task. Sometimes there is concern on whether or not the guests will like it or the concern of not having traditional music. My suggestion to help you determine which songs to utilize for your ceremony is simple, "It doesn't matter." Choose what you want played; in the style you want it. 

Envision your ceremony and think of all the music that you and your spouse to be enjoy. Maybe it's the theme song to your favorite television show or the catchy pop track that you like. (Hint: search online for a piano version, or an acoustic guitar version of that song). Then picture the bridal party marching down to that song. Does the track work for what you want? 

For example, a wedding we recently played for were infatuated with "Game of Thrones," television show. That show is something they shared together. It means something to them. Therefore, they found a beautiful piano version of the theme song, and chose to have that as the primary component of their ceremony. (See PianoDJ on Youtube for the track). 

My own wedding was a little different also. While my wife and I were dating, the song "Memories of Us" by Keith Urban came on ALL THE TIME! Nearly every time we got into a vehicle or tuned the radio, there it was. An absolutely wonderful song, but we knew we couldn't have it in the church, it's not solemn enough. However, I have been an electronic musician for a number of years now and we decided I would rewrite the song to make it fit our ceremony. Of course it ended up to where, all of the ceremony music was composed. In fact, for the bridal party procession, the song thar was used I composed in college. Now, I'm nothing of what you would consider a great musician, but we were able to make our ceremony unique to us. It was quite memorable.

In short, when selecting music for your wedding ceremony, don't let anything make your decision for you. Make it personal. Make it you. 


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