Hope - Dubvision

You Give Me Hope

Now-a-days “dance” music has long evolved from the molly induced ravers to magical melodies and deep vocal stories filled with emotion. Of course we still have our laser filled sky with vicks inhaler music, but thats not this song.

Image used from Dubvision’s Visionary Radio Show promo

Let’s talk about this new track Hope. This song opens right to vocals and quickly makes its way to a true Dubvision lead melody. Uplifting and empowering are the two adjectives I have for this track. I am very thankful for all music that I cannot turn off or as the meme says, “I am the type of person that will restart a song because I wasn’t appreciating it enough”. Victor and Stephan made this track feel like its always building without ever loosing its motive.

The lyrics

Demons I can’t see
Shadows haunting me
but when I turn around
There’s you

The opening few lines describe someone that has been through some hard times. It could be losing someone, a lost love that destroyed this person, or even something as common as cancer. Especially with the line “Demons I can’t see, Shadows haunting me”. The vocal delivery takes the lyrics and puts them into the sonic canvas making them speak to your soul. The pre-chorus again, is delivered with no expense spared. That line “You give me love, Here and now” can be felt more than the shot that was heard around the world.

How could somebody like you
Fix somebody like me

Coming off of the high of the chorus melody, the second section of the song tells us that the “broken” person is so incredibly thankful for whomever or whatever (maybe a doggy) fixed them. Yes I’m aware that the lyric says (somebody) but the point is, the person was fixed. In short, this song everything we need in a song. It gives me energy; It gives me a story; It hits you in the feels.. if you are listening. As I do think this song is applicable to many situations, I feel it would be more applicable to someone battling and/or aiding someone battling (insert struggle here). All in all, you never ever really know what someone is going through, so help them; be there for them. At one point in your life it will be you that need someone to give you “Hope”.

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Hope - Dubvision

written by: Ki Fitzgerald, Mark Blackwell, Stephan Leicher, Victor Leicher