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Relay for Life - Cancer Fundraiser

  • westwego farmer's market (map)

What I physically could not say prior to the Luminaire ceremony:

I cannot remember a time in recent history that I have been more disapointed in myself. Saying as little as I did prior to the Luminaire ceremony has now been added to my regret list. In my opinion, that ceremony is the TRUE Reason for relay. Having to opportunity to honor our loved ones who is fighting/survived OR honor our loved ones that have moved on to bigger and better things.  

This is a a sorry excuse for an analogy, but bear with me. This disease is like earth being attacked by aliens in the 1st "Independance Day". We, like them, didn't know why they were being attacked or really who was attacking them. However, at least they had a Will Smith and a Jeff Goldblum to save the world.

This disease has plagued my wifes family. I have watched my Michelle lose her father in a pretty short amount of time from diagnosis. It is devestating knowing there was and IS not anything I can do to help my wife with the pain. As most of you know, it's a pain that will never subside.

One of my very best friends has had his cancer removed. (Hopefully for good) Although we have been besties for 8 years, I know I will have to face the music when his day comes. And I am mortified at the thought. Anytime he hurts, I get scared. However, I'll understand  losing him to old age, but I DO NOT want to lose him to this. Blue has been with Michelle and I since he was 3 mothns old. I've watched him grow from this handsome and awkward pup to a handsome and spoiled dog. He means the world to me.

For as long as S1M is in existance we will continue to support what Relay for Life stands for. Obviously the event also. I (WE ALL) just need all this cancer research to yield some results. I don't mean  prolonging the inevitable results, I mean a cure. A, Never have to think about this again, result. 

Handsome and Awkward Blueboy

Blueboy and Me

Blueboy and Me

Again, I do apologize for not having the courage to share my thoughts with you all yesterday.    Thank you all for everything you do to make this disease non-existant. I will see you all again next year.

Why does Stage 1 Music participate in Relay for Life?

S1M started participating in the Relay For Life event in 2015. After Michelle (S1M owner's Wife) lost her father to cancer in the summer of 2009, we knew there was something that we wanted to do to help ensure that no one else would have to experience the devastation of this disease. Like us, everyone knows someone who has battled cancer. It could be a relative, a friend, a coworker, a pet or maybe you yourself. The Relay For Life movement gives everyone an opportunity to come together to make a difference and fight back. At a Relay For Life event, we honor cancer survivors, remember those lost to the disease, and raise funds and awareness to help end cancer forever.

We're ready to attack cancer in our community. Are you with us? Check out who's coming together to beat our biggest rival. Sign up today at

How Relay for Life got Started:


Why Relay for Life?


Please come out Saturday to the Westwego Farmers Market from 3pm-10pm to help us fight for a cure!