The sound systems utilized for ceremonies are discreet and have crisp sound. As much as we love our equipment for a ceremony, our speakers need to be heard, not seen.


Ceremony Packages 50% off when combined with a DJ Package (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

** Discount is not applicable if not in the same space as DJ Package**


Our DJ Systems are powerful and clean, however, our djs ability to play the right song at the right time is what really matters.

when you chose the perfect venue, but yet you feel something is missing. it's probably lighting. S1M utilizes the visual aspects of the venue and your color scheme to add that little extra elegance. 

** Price varies if colors are not static**

Up-Lighting Packages 20% off when combined with a DJ Package (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

Our motion lighting is focused on the dance floor. While music selection is the key to the entertainment, lighting adds the energy. 

Motion Lighting Packages 20% off when combined with a DJ Package (Stage 1 or Stage 2)

Monograms add another layer of personalization and elegance. Our monograms are designed in-house and are projected at your event with a 75w LED.  

Considering having a IMPROMPTU dance off with your significant other as a first dance? We pride ourselves on making those unforgettable mashups. We're not just a dj company, we're audio engineers, remix artists, producers and musicians. All mixes are edited on state of the art studio gear. 

providing our services to some venues sometimes require a little more work. the image below lists some of the venues that either have parking charges, setup charges or both.

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