John Waite - Temple Bar

This album really bring back memories. However, the most prominent memory is when I was growing up, my dad would have this album on while we had a family day in the pool. I didn't respect "Dad's Music" as I do now. I guess that happens as you get older. 

As for the album, this is probably my favorite from John Waite. The opening track, "How Did I Get By Without You" is easily in my top 5 of his.  John's version of "Someone Like You" is my favorite version of that song. There have been countless artists with their take on the song, but I do believe it was orginally written and performed by Van Morrison in the 80s. (I may be wrong). This album is one of those that you would listen to without skipping tracks. In my opinion there are no "filler" tracks. All songs were intentionally added to this album. Waite's version of "Ain't No Sunshine" is perfect. Another stand out track off of this ablum is "In Dreams". I bring this album to potentially have something to listen to while enjoying your family this Easter Sunday.  Give it a listen, let me know what you think.

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