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Melvin and Phia - Love and Music

Melvin & Phia

The Scene

From the moment we were contacted by Melvin to provide our services for he and Phia’s wedding at the Eiffel Society, I was ecstatic. I have been there several times but have never had the opportunity to play there, despite always wanting to. Between the sheer space of the venue, to the glass walls, to the stage; This place is awesome. The Eiffel Society is a steel and glass construction with a rustic/industrial feel. (I’m not an interior designer so that terminology is probably not a thing). Either way glass to glass, a very beautiful venue.

The Ceremony

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Unique; Less traditional but more tailored. Melvin and Phia chose My Girl by The Temptations for the seating of the parents while the bridal party proceeded down the isle to Perfect by Ed Sheeran and Beyoncé. However, the ring bearers came down like international spies to the Mission Impossible theme song which gave everyone attending quite the laugh. Then, beautiful Phia came down the isle to The Truth by India Arie. The officiant’s presentation by no means was typical, it was more real. Less “never ending circle“ and more how marriages need to be today. He was awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Superpower by Beyonce was the ceremony exit song; helping everyone to get into the mood of the reception to come.

The Reception


While the ceremony area was flipped into the reception and during dinner we played jazz and some sensual RnB. Such as Jodeci, Sade, Musiq, Anita Baker and Peabo Bryson. The much anticipated first dance as the now MARRIED couple, Melvin and Phia danced to Best Part by Daniel Ceasar. Regrettably a song I haven’t heard before, however I can happily say its now in our routine. It was almost movie-like how every single person in that building seemed to disappear as the two of them danced.

“I just wanna see I just wanna see how beautiful you are. You know that I see it. I know you’re a star. Where you go I follow. No matter how far. If life is a movie, Oh you’re the best part, oh oh oh You’re the best part, oh oh oh Best part”
— Daniel Ceasar

The Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dance was simultaneous to If I Could by Ray Charles. And again, everyone disappeared into the background. With the sun setting at about this time, all of the colors flowed and gelled into each other with the blacks and golds of everyones attires.

After the primary dances, we had free reign to build the dance floor. With the assorted guests we had no rules. Could play anything, but it was up to them (as djing should be). We started easy with some Earth, Wind and Fire (not to mention - September is one of my all time favorite tracks) trying to feel them out, giving the guests the opportunity to tell us what they wanted by their actions. So far so good, everyone was enjoying themselves. We did play one track that after playing I realized I do not play it often enough, Before I Let Go by Maze and Frankie Beverly. These songs have what the vast majority of current music is missing - Soul. When Before I Let Go started, there was a lady, stage right, that let out the loudest “OOOHHHHH” you’ve ever heard. Louder than the speakers. That is how we know we’re doing something right. Phia was all over the dance floor smiling between mingling with friends and family…which is our goal, keep the people smiling. Dancing, is always something we enjoy, but the real purpose of DJing is ensure everyone (well most) is having a good time. As always, we had a very varied set, with songs such as Choppa Style, Back That Thang Up, Wobble, etc. However, our last song, is what it was all about. Love by Musiq. The selection of this as our last song came last minute… knowing that Melvin and Phia’s theme for their wedding was “Love and Music” and knowing the lyrics to Love by Musiq, we decided that it would be perfect (hopefully all the guest thought so too)

Through all the ups and downs the joy and hurt
For better or worse I still will choose you first
— Musiq

Apple Music playlist of some of Melvin and Phia’s selections for their wedding.

Although we do not have pictures of it, Melvin and Phia had a NOLA Brass band send off, which was the icing on the cake that finished up a near perfect night! Such a beautiful wedding. I hope they know how much we appreciate them having us as a part of their very special day. Congratulations again, Melvin and Phia! Best Wishes!

Also, A big thank you to The Eiffel Society venue for having us. We can’t wait to be back.

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