3LAU - Ultraviolet

Yesterday I had the privilege of listening to the new 3LAU Ultraviolet. I must say it's about time! We finally have an album to listen to not just a collection of tracks. From start to finish it's full of lush synthesizers with a clear production value. One of my favorites of the album is track 8 - Star Crossed (although it comes off as a "breakup" song, it seems to do it in a beautiful way. "Arcana" is a track to watch out for. The club-ready track kind of sneaks up on you with its subdued genuine melodies until the drop. Ultraviolet is the perfect blend of Electro-Pop. Some of the list guest stars include Neonheart, Oly, Neeve, Luna Aura, Max, and Emma Hewitt. 3LAU left this album wide open for remix potential. This is the perfect album to crank up in the living, sit on the couch, close your eyes and just absorb. If this is the next direction of Electronic music, I can't wait. Enjoy!