S1M Song of 2017

Obviously this is very subjective, however, if you haven't heard "Something Just Like This"  by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay, I strongly suggest it. I first heard this song when it was requested while I was DJing and the beat caught me. Later that week I listened to it again, not for any specific reason, and was blown away. Then, I had to listen to it again while reading the lyrics... and WOW.

Ever so often, a song hits me like a ton of bricks falling on Wile E Coyote. There is a couple of aspects of this song that draws me in. First of all, I LOVE this wave of ElectroPop. I enjoy listening to this style so much I curate an ongoing playlist on apple music for this genre (tracks that I enjoy of course). (ElectroPop Playlist) Secondly, I remember the specific feeling that I had in my being after watching the Toby McGuire Spiderman years ago. I remember wishing I was great; wishing I could be a superhero one day, as I would imagine most youngsters do. So, this song brought me there first, then I took that thought to my life now. Of course I'm not a superhero, (would still be cool though), but I don't need to be. As the song says; 

"I'm not looking for somebody, With some superhuman gifts, Some superhero, Some fairytale bliss, Just something I can turn to, Somebody I can kiss"

I'm not a superhero in the base definition, but I am in regards to my family. My wife, doesn't need a superhero, she wants me! She wants something just like what we have! To me, the real meaning of this song is not being Batman, it's being the best you can for your family. This song is a reminder for me not to get disappointed with my failings, this song serves as a reminder that my wife doesn't want anything more than time together. In that sense, maybe I am a suedo superhero, doing what I can for my family. Just listen to the song and read the lyrics. It'll speak to you, hopefully better than I did trying to explain a feeling. (Quite difficult). Leave a comment and let me know your experience with this track. By far my favorite track of 2017!