What happened to HipHop?

Where has all the HipHop gone?

I listen to A LOT of music. 70% of the time I'm awake something is on whether it be my beloved electronic, Jazz, Heavy Rock, as well as hiphop. But, I'm starting to question what HipHop actually is. As I was coming up, 50 cent, DMX, Nelly, Ludacris, etc... owned the genre. And rightfully so. I still play tracks from then by all of them, although sometimes DMX is a little far out there for the events that I play. 

As most DJs do (or should), all DJs with S1M scour song after song. We're always looking for a track that can potentially rock the floor. I love playing a song that either the listener hasn't heard in years or hasn't heard ever, and it explodes. 


That being said, I've been really trying to find a current HipHop track that can move the floor. Something that is energetic with a great catchy flow. And I'm struggling... hard. Today I decided to listen to an older album (2014) in our repitoire. "Money Sucks Friends Rule" - Dillon Francis. Yes, I'm aware that technically the genre is Dance, however "All That" (Feat. Twista & The Rejects) isn't quite. This track has all the roots of HipHop with a straight club movement. You can't help get hype to this track. (If you can think of any more like this, let me know. I'll compile the playlist.