Outside the Box

As most DJs and music enthusiasts do, we love finding music in unlikely places. This song "Espérance" by Janee is a prime example. Janee is known for using organic instruments like violins in electronic music such as "What Are You Doing Here", or synth heavy track like "Go Ahead Boy". "Espérance" is different though. I would personally use this all day long for wedding ceremonies. It combines modern song structure with traditional classical instrumentation and an overall uplifting motif. Simply, a beautiful piece of music. 

For Brides:

Listen to this song and close your eyes. Picture yourself in your wedding dress moments from walking down the isle. Your breathing will almost match the rise and fall of the violins while the melody carries you from entrance to altar. In my opinion, that is what you want in a bridal procession song. You can almost hear the guests gasp as you walk down the isle. 

The point of this article: You can search online for "Wedding Processional Songs" and this song will never come up. Don't be afraid to be untraditional. Look outside the box. 

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