"Happy Now" - Slander

Just this week I heard "Happy Now" by Slander, and while it's not a groundbreaking modern EDM track, it caught my ear because of it's "realness". (If that's a word) It is a very well produced track with beautiful saw synths and a catchy vocal. Lyrically, to me, the track takes place a few months after a break-up. When the narrator gets over his heartache and realizes his significant other did what they believed to be best. 

Yeah, I know you’ve found what you’re looking for
I know you did what you had to do
Well, I hope you’re happy now
I hope you’re all good

Thus the song does continue with the theme that the narrator wishes their person back into his life, it doesn't seem to end up that way. 

Well, I hope you’re happy now
I hope you’re good
If you could just be here right now
I’d be all good

I guess the point of this article is saying, life is going to happen, people are going to make choices on what they think is best for them. Yes, you can be hurt if it hurts, but always do what you can to see the situation from the other person's shoes. At the moment, as the listener we feel sorry for the narrator, however we do not know the whole story. What if the narrator was the one that drove his significant other away....

Listen to more by Slander.

Listen to more by Slander.