"Good Times Roll" - Griz

I recently came across this track, as a couple requested if for their ceremony. (It rocked by the way!) Good Times Roll by Griz has everything we love in an upbeat track:

  • An unmistakable bass groove
  • Perfect head nod effect
  • Rock solid beat
  • ... and what NOLA person doesn't like brass

While I was intrigued when I first heard this, it was nothing compared to hearing it on a large system. Griz has a clarity mixed with an obvious amped electronic funk groove that I can't help but search for now. As I listen to more by Griz, I realize this music isn't something to sit back and listen to, this should be enjoyed loud! This is something to get you going while driving to have a night out. If you enjoy "Good Times Roll", go listen to their Say it Loud album.