Montgomery Gentry - Here’s to You

I took the time this morning to listen to the latest album from Montgomery Gentry - Here’s to You. A fantastic album to say the least.  It has MG signature funny flavored songs such as “Shotgun Wedding” and of course every country album has to have their “Drink Along Song”. One of the most popular track off the album “Better Me” is a song that makes you look inward to determine what could make you a better you. However, my favorite song off the album Is “Drive on Home”. It’s was lesson and a revelation to listen to. “Drive on Home” told me to make sure throughout my life to keep dreaming with my better half and to do what I can for others. The premise of the song was to focus on go do the best you can at work, work hard, and hurry home to your loved ones, which is where you always want to be. You’re focus should always be spending time with loved ones, they should be your “why” you do anything.