Easy Like Sunday Morning

The Perfect Sunday Morning

My perfect Sunday morning is when the pups wake me up around 7 am so they can have their breakfast. I walk out of the bedroom with some warm lighting that's contrasting the sunlight's color coming in through the windows. Immediately after preheating the over to make some biscuits, I'll put on something like the Mason Embry Trio - Swingin' On A Star. I'll then finish mixing the biscuits and put them into the over. Just before the biscuits are ready to come out of the oven, I'll put on some tea for my wife, knowing that she'll be up in just a few minutes. The biscuits come out and now my wife and I are at the table having tea, biscuits, and coffee while the pups enjoy their breakfast. This scene right here is like Chicken Soup for the Soul. 

The Point of the story

The whole point of me sharing that with you is to explain the profound effect music has on moments in our lives. Sure, I enjoy hip-hop, country, and electronica, however, my Sunday morning wouldn't nearly be the same. Sometimes, vocals in music are distracting from the moments in our lives and sometimes we just need a little magic in the background. Also, if you would like the recipe for the perfect Sunday morning biscuits comment below and I'll get it to you.